Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Now? Keeping Your Fans

So, you've ran the ad and done the work. What now? How do you keep all these fans? 

It's super easy, and here's how:

***Think Like a Shopper  Of course you want to post every listing, every sale, every thing about your shop. You may be thinking: Promote, Promote, Promote! But, let's put the brakes on for a minute. To be the best seller, think like a shopper.  If you fanned a shop, do you want to be bombarded with items and listings and basically be told, 'Buy This!'  No, you probably don't like it at all, I know I don't.  You definitely want to post about all your sales - not items sold, but actual sales your shops is having. I have seen shops post about every sale they make. Not a good idea. But for shop sales, yes, post that. Do not bore or spam your fans.

***'Date' your Fans There is a fine line between getting personal and 'getting personal,' and don't act like you don't know where it is.  You do.  It's a really good idea to post little bits about your kids, or funny stories, things like that. Stay AWAY from politics, religion, family issues, and things like that. Treat your fans like you're on a first date; if you wouldn't say it on a first date, don't say it to your fans. I post funny videos or stories, inspiring quotes - things I think the average person would enjoy. People love humor, and will respond well to it. The more comments you can get on your posts, the better. You want to stay in the minds of your fans, so when they have money or are looking for a gift, your shop is not some distant memory.  Stay in the foreground, but not by spamming.  You want to have a good balance of shop/non-shop related posts.

***Brass Tacks  Let's be honest. What you want are sales, so the posts that matter to you are the shop related ones.  Post only new listings you really love, and say something about it. What inspired you, what is unique about it?  Post all shop sales - of course.  I sometimes offer special coupon codes to my Facebook Fans. Naturally, they love this.  I'm not into posting treasuries that I was in, and frankly, I don't care what treasury your shop was in...I mean, do your fans really care? Probably not. They fanned you so why do they need to see 11 other shop items? That will go under the bore-your-fans-to-death category. Boring fans will result in them unliking your page.  Again, everything in moderation; if it's a really cool treasury, or if it features shops you want to support, then post away. But don't post every single one.

***Giveaway?...yeah, your page!  Many shops do Facebook giveaways. This is a great idea - if you want your page shut down.  Giveaways that are only for Facebook Fans, or are contingent upon people likeing your page are not Facebook legal and can result in your page getting shut down.  If you want to do a giveaway, which is a great idea, do it on your blog, then post on Facebook and re-route your fans to your blog.  Giveaways are a great way to engage your fans (I mean, who doesn't love free stuff?) but you need to do them correctly.  The penalties can be anywhere from losing your page to very hefty fines.  Here are the rules, and I would highly suggest following them:

I know a giveaway may seem like you're just giving away free items, but it's advertising. That person will wear/use your item and tell friends. Word of mouth is an excellent resource.

Also, I've heard having a second admin can save your page from being shut down. I'm not 100% why this is, but you better believe I have a second admin.  I picked a good friend that I trust, and he doesn't have to do anything but give me piece of mind that I'm a bit more protected.

***Wrap it Up!  Some things to keep in mind  - I've said it before and it deserves repeating: engage, don't bore, your fans. Do not spam -don't come off like a used car salesman only after the almighty dollar (you know they type). Follow the rules. Post all sales (as in discounts, not sold items - sounds weird but I've seen it), and reward your fans with special coupons.  I have even done a two day 50% off for Facebook Fans. Little surprises like this are great for them. As a side note, if you can't afford a one day half off sale, your items are way under-priced.  

I do not post all my new listings, but I do have photo albums and add every new item in my photo section.  This will show up to your fans, you don't need to post the listing as well.  Again, don't make your fans feel that all you want is their money.  I actually enjoy interacting with them, finding out what they like or want to see, things like that. And this information can actually really improve sales. Knowing what people like is a great foundation for designs.

This one is very important: answer your fans! Sometimes you will get a comment on a photo, asking how much, or what it's made of, etc... for the love of all that is, answer the person.  If you can't take the time to respond, I don't feel bad when you have no sales coming in. I wouldn't shop from a place that won't take the time to answer my questions. You can't put this much work into it, then sit back. Also, you will lose fans sometimes. It happens. Don't even pay it any mind.  The biggest stores in the world lose fans so don't take it personally at all. The person may have closed their account, or is having money issues, who knows...but don't stress over every fan.   

I hope these extra tips help!! Good Luck!

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